Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Poor Teddy

Gary went outside the other day and asked where my cockatiel had gone.
I thought he was joking.
Nope, he was serious.
One of the little doors was half-way up.
Apparently he can let himself out of the cage.
I went outside and started whistling.
I was sure I could hear him respond.
There he was, under the bbq.
He climbed straight up onto my arm when I went to him.
He had been attacked by birds but at that stage we didn't know what ones.
We thought if magpies or butcher birds, he'd be dead.
So that left the noisy minors as culprits :(

But after he climbed up my arm, he flew off down to the back garden.

As soon as he landed about 6 noisy minors attacked him again.
I ran down to save him, whistling madly.
Finally he came out of hiding amongst the branches on the ground.

He was a bit traumatised and once back in the safety of his cage, only wanted to sleep.

Monday, 7 December 2009

And the year draws near to an end

Wow! How fast has this year gone?

I know, too fast!

But so much has happened this year.

To me, anyway.

Started by turning 40! Big big big thing :D

Celebrated Justin's 6th birthday in March.

Also went to Melbourne in March for a BrAshA-T meet(ing)

Celebrated 18 yrs of marriage in April

Had the stroke in May :(

Went to BrAshA-T's Annual Gala Dinner in June

Connor turned 8 in June

Cameron turned 4 in August

Met up with friends from WA in September

Battled a terrible chemical reaction in November

Looking forward to Christmas but saddened for the anniversary of my Nana's death in December

I really miss you Nan xoxoxo

And will end the year with a bang (hopefully)

Will be glad to start 2010!