Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tuesday Trivia

July 20

1801 - A 1,235 pound cheese ball was pressed at the farm of Elisha Brown, Jr. The ball of cheese was later loaded on a horse-driven wagon and presented to U.S. President Thomas Jefferson at the White House.

1810 - Colombia declared independence from Spain.

1859 - Brooklyn and New York played baseball at Fashion Park Race Course on Long Island, NY. The game marked the first time that admission had been charged for to see a ball game. It cost $.50 to get in and the players on the field did not receive a salary (until 1863).

1861 - The Congress of the Confederate States began holding sessions in Richmond, VA.

1868 - Legislation that ordered U.S. tax stamps to be placed on all cigarette packs was passed.

1871 - British Columbia joined Confederation as a Canadian province.

1881 - Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull, a fugitive since the Battle of the Little Big Horn, surrendered to federal troops.

1908 - In the United States, the Sullivan Ordinance bars women from smoking in public facilities.

1917 - The draft lottery in World War I went into operation.

1935 - NBC radio debuted "G-men." The show was later renamed "Gangbusters."

1942 - The first detachment of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, (WACS) began basic training at Fort Des Moines, Iowa.

1944 - An attempt by a group of German officials to assassinate Adolf Hitler failed. The bomb exploded at Hitler's Rastenburg headquarters. Hitler was only wounded.

1944 - U.S. President Roosevelt was nominated for an unprecedented fourth term of office at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

1947 - The National Football League (NFL) ruled that no professional team could sign a player who had college eligibility remaining.

1951 - Jordan's King Abdullah Ibn Hussein was assassinated in Jerusalem.

1961 - "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off" opened in London.

1969 - Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. became the first men to walk on the moon.

1974 - Turkish forces invaded Cyprus.

1976 - America's Viking I robot spacecraft made a successful landing on Mars.

1977 - A flash flood hit Johnstown, PA, killing 80 people and causing $350 million worth of damage.

1982 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan pulled the U.S. out of comprehensive test ban negotiations indefinitely.

1985 - Treasure hunters began raising $400 million in coins and silver from the Spanish galleon "Nuestra Senora de Atocha." The ship sank in 1622 40 miles of the coast of Key West, FL.

1992 - Vaclav Havel, the playwright who led the Velvet Revolution against communism, stepped down as president of Czechoslovakia.

1993 - White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster Jr. was found shot to death, a suicide, in a park near Washington, DC.

1997 - Seven people were arrested after New York City police found scores of deaf Mexicans kept in slave-like conditions and forced to peddle trinkets for the smugglers who had brought them to the U.S.

1998 - Russia won a $11.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund to help avert the devaluation of its currency.

2003 - In India, elephants used for commercial work began wearing reflectors to avoid being hit by cars during night work.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Musical Mondays

July 19

1811 - Composer Vincenz Lachner was born.

1939 - Jack Teagarden and his orchestra recorded "Aunt Hagar’s Blues."

1942 - "The Seventh Symphony," by Shastakovich, was performed for the first time in the U.S. by Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra.
1949 - Harry Belafonte began recording his first sessions for Capitol Records. They included the songs "They Didn’t Believe Me" and "Close Your Eyes."

1954 - Elvis Presley's first single was released by Sun Records. It was "That's All Right" b/w "Blue Moon of Kentucky."

1966 - Frank Sinatra, at the age of 50, married the 20-year-old actress Mia Farrow.

1969 - The Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women" was released.

1969 - The Spencer Davis group broke up.

1975 - Orleans' "Dance With Me" was released.

1976 - Deep Purple broke up.

1980 - Billy Joel earned his first gold record with "It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me."
1980 - David Bowie made his theatrical debut as the title role in "The Elephant Man."

1981 - "Roy Orbison Day" was celebrated in Odessa, TX.

1990 - Vikki Carr opened the ceremonies for dedication of the The Nixon Library. She sang in front of 4 Presidents, President Nixon, President Ford, President Reagan and President Bush, all which she had performed for at the White House during their terms. Herny Kissinger, Alexander Haig and Gene Autry were also present.
1991 - Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler filed a lawsuit against the band. He claimed the other members had forced him to use heroin, then made him quit the band when he entered a rehabilitation program.

1995 - Elvis Presley's former doctor Dr. George Nichopoulous, lost his medical license for being "too liberal" when prescribing addictive drugs.

1999 - Dr. Dre filed a lawsuit against Priority Records and Death Row Records. Dre alleged that the release of the album "The Chronic 2000" infringed on his trademark.

1999 - They Might Be Giants released the album "Long Tall Weekend." It was released exclusively in the MP3 format.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

New Project

I'm crocheting a string shopping bag. Thinking that it might be a small version but I suppose it depends on the stretch of it.

The pattern comes from

Its a great book with stitch instructions as well as some patterns.

Friday, 16 July 2010

My Monkey

This isn't a great photo but its one that Cameron's kindy took. It was from their mother's day makeover.

Us mothers were really pampered with hand, feet and scalp massages. Cameron throroughly enjoyed doing all these helpful things for his mummy. He put the lip gloss on me really great. The nail polish .... well let's see if I can find a photo of it hahahaha

I just love my little monkey to bits (and his ape brothers) lol

Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Love Affair

Yes you read that right.

I'm having a love affair!

Who with you ask?

Not quite exactly a who but a what?

I am loving my new printer.
Its a PIXMA MX870!

Got it at an absolute steal.
So this time its a FAX, scan, copy, print one. The last one couldn't send a fax.

It has so many neat little tricks. A paper cartridege at the front, photo paper at the back and of course the fax goes in on top.
Again it has its own seperate print cartridges. What I love about the canons is if the print head goes bust you can just replace that and not the whole computer.
Photos print out amazingly clear.

Am now ready to use the fax function tomorrow :)
Yes, I do admit I love my new printer =D

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wandering Wednesdays

This week's Wandering Wednesday's come from wandering around my own backyard!

Please enjoy as much as I did.

I love our snowflakes!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Knitted Shawl

You might remember my post here where I had started my shawl.

Its now finished.

(Please excuse the photos as I used the boys bathroom to take them)

Tuesday Trivia - July 13

July 13

1099 - The Crusaders launched their final assault on Muslims in Jerusalem.

1534 - The Ottoman armies captured Tabriz in northwestern Persia.

1558 - Led by the court of Egmont, the Spanish army defeated the French at Gravelines, France.

1585 - A group of 108 English colonists, led by Sir Richard Grenville, reached Roanoke Island, NC.

1643 - In England, the Roundheads, led by Sir William Waller, were defeated by royalist troops under Lord Wilmot in the Battle of Roundway Down.

1754 - At the beginning of the French and Indian War, George Washington surrendered the small, circular Fort Necessity in southwestern Pennsylvania to the French.

1787 - The U.S. Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, enacted the Northwest Ordinance, which established the rules for governing the Northwest Territory, for admitting new states to the Union and limiting the expansion of slavery.

1793 - French revolutionary writer Jean Paul Marat was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday. She was executed four days later.

1812 - The first pawnbroking ordinance was passed in New York City.

1832 - Henry Schoolcraft discovered the source of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

1835 - John Ruggles received patent #1 from the U.S. Patent Office for a traction wheel used in locomotive steam engines. All 9,957 previous patents were not numbered.

1863 - Opponents of the Civil War draft began three days of rioting in New York City, which resulted in more than 1,000 casualties.

1875 - David Brown patented the first cash-carrier system.

1878 - The Congress of Berlin divided the Balkans among European powers.

1896 - Philadelphia’s Ed Delahanty became the second major league player to hit four home runs in a single game.

1931 - A major German financial institution, Danabank, failed. This led to the closing of all banks in Germany until August 5.

1941 - Britain and the Soviet Union signed a mutual aid pact, that provided the means for Britain to send war material to the Soviet Union.

1954 - In Geneva, the United States, Great Britain and France reached an accord on Indochina which divided Vietnam into two countries, North and South, along the 17th parallel.

1967 - Race-related rioting broke out in Newark, NJ. At the end of four days of violence 27 people had been killed.

1971 - The Army of Morocco executed ten leaders accused of leading a revolt.

1972 - Carroll Rosenbloom (owner of the Baltimore Colts) and Robert Irsay (owner of the Los Angeles Rams) traded teams.

1973 - David Bedford set a new world record in the 10,000-meter race in London. His time was 27 minutes, 31 seconds.

1978 - Lee Iacocca was fired as president of Ford Motor Co. by chairman Henry Ford II.

1979 - A 45-hour siege began at the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Four Palestinian guerrillas killed two security men and seized 20 hostages.

1982 - The All-Star Game was played outside the United States for the first time. They played in Montreal, Canada.

1984 - In Arkansas, Terry Wallis was injured in a car accident and was left comatose. He came out of the coma in June of 2003.

1994 - Jeff Gillooly, Tonya Harding's ex-husband, was sentenced in Portland, OR, to two years in prison for his role in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan.

1998 - "Image of an Assassination" went on sale. The video documentary is of Abraham Zapruder's home video of U.S. President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas.

1998 - Four young cousins in Gallup, NM, died after becoming trapped in a car trunk.

1998 - RealNetworks Inc. rolled out a test version of RealSystem G2. G2 is a streaming video and audio delivery system.

2000 - The United States and Vietnam singed a major trade agreement. The pact still needed to be approved by the U.S. Congress.

2000 - Sprint Corp. and WorldCom canceled their planned merger due to opposition by regulators in the United States and Europe.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Musical Mondays

July 12

1962 - Rolling Stones 1st performance (Marquee Club, London)

1970 - Blues-Rock singer Janis Joplin debuts in Kentucky

1993 - Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "Sunset Promenade" opens in London

Sunday, 11 July 2010


I have a lot on my mind today.

Its mainly about marriage.

You see mine nearly ended this past Easter.

A lot was involved.

People were doing things they shouldn't of been doing.

Saying things that they knew were not truths.

A small gap became a yawning canyon with us wondering how this could be bridged.

What could we do and how did we allow this to become such a wedge between us.

After some very hard and extremely painful weeks, decisions were made and committments were renewed.

Many tears were shed and bodies held for comfort.

Lies had been designed to hurt us for others to "save face". How sad it is that ....... (you may finish this statement however you wish, I have too many endings for it).

Last year I bought the 40 Day Love Dare. I wanted to begin then but we weren't ready then. It seemed like a lot of effort to be honest.

I now believe we both are at that time and place to begin. I'm hoping he will do this with me, but if not, I'm at peace with that.

There are still a few bumps here and there that I am sure will try to trip us again one day but if we remain vigilant, be strong with and for each other, love unconditionally and most importantly have faith, I believe that eventually it will be so much smoother.

We have learnt to trust one another again. Not let lies people tell to allow us to doubt one another. We need to be on our guard from those who are not only strangers but also those who we love and who are supposed to love us.

This situation may have caused us to separate ourselves from some people but it has definitely pulled us closer together with a love that is even stronger.

We even are laughing with each other again.