Monday, 29 December 2008


We had a really good Christmas this year. We got up about 7.30am and I made ham & eggs for breakfast. Then we opened all the gifts. The boys got so much and were really happy with what they got.

Connor's nanny had taken him to some garage sales and he bought gifts for all of his family. For his brothers he bought them a cup each with a cute picture on them, he painted a picture and got a frame for it for his dad, and for me he bought me two little bottles that were hand-painted. They are so beautiful. I was so touched that he did this and I know his dad was too.

Gary bought me an MP3 player and speakers. I'm really happy about that. Although I would've been just as happy with a Wii hahahahahaha

We had christmas lunch at Gary's sister's place with his side of the family. It was really relaxing and fun. Then we went to my parent's for dinner. It was really hot but the kids had a ball. It was just us, my parents and my y/sister and her family. We left there about 8pm and headed back to Gary's sister where we played games and had fun until about 1.30am. It really was time to go to bed then :D

It was such a big day but such a FUN day.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

When do we stop ......

There are so many ways to finish the rest of this sentence. My finisher at the moment is "When do we stop yearning for babies".

I can't have anymore children and right from the time Cameron was born the decision was made, it was safest in the long term to never be able to have more. Then of course last year I had to have the hysterectomy and this year was supposed to have both ovaries removed but the drs could only access one.

So my baby bearing days are definitely over but the yearning for another baby isn't. Hence my question .... why? I wonder if the urge for children will always be with me no matter what age I am. My head has absolute knowledge that my time is done but my heart isn't ready to give up. How strange!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Week 5 Painting

I'm closer now to finishing Painting #2. I have to upload the pic but I'm starting to feel the end is near and am already looking for my next subject hahahahahaha

I'm loving it and don't want to stop :D

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Such a busy week

Started last Friday with a trip down to Brisbane. Went and met some friends at the airport and took them to their motel. Saturday was spent all day at Softball - go Roosters - then Sunday came home. Thankfully I was able to get a lift down and back so didn't have to catch buses and trains :D

This week has been so full with one appointment after another and tomorrow I go back down to Brisbane again for a niece's 18th birthday party. This time I'm taking Connor with me and will probably stay the night at my mum's place.

Looking forward to next week being a bit slower.